MBTA Transit PD Policies and Procedures

MBTA Transit PD Jun 25, 2021

What follows are the thirty-three chapters of the MBTA Transit Police Department Manual that I was able to obtain through a public records request. Obviously a lot of chapters are missing but they were not provided due to Exemption (b) and Exemption (n) of the Massachusetts Public Record Law.

Explanations of these exemptions can be found in the following document:

The embedded PDF is all of the chapters put together to make for easier reading. If you would like to download the individual chapters they can be found here:!AnC3zGnjJhHqjdBoGNE-iTTQvFYB3g?e=HT5H3R

If you are on mobile a direct link to the PDF can be found here:!AnC3zGnjJhHqjdEKGNE-iTTQvFYB3g

Ethan H

System Administrator turned Security Analyst. Enjoys following digital breadcrumb trails to their source and have an interest in threat hunting and incident response as it pertains to the Cloud.

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